[Chimera-users] the matrix reported in 'fit in map'

周强 zhouq2015 at mail.tsinghua.edu.cn
Fri Nov 10 20:36:01 PST 2017

Dear Chimera developer group,
I am Dr. Qiang Zhou from Tsinghua university in Beijing China. Recently I'm going to calculate relative position between two maps with 'fit in map' in chimera. The 'fit in map' feature reported a matrix of 3 x 4. Can I convert this matrix to Euler angle with transform class of EMAN2 directly? Is the matrix of chimera same to that of EMAN2? BTW, The translation column in chimera matrix maybe contains a bug. I just manually rotated a map and then fit it into the original map. The matrix reported by Chimera should contain zero translation column. However, it reported a non-zero value (about 6-7 pixel) in translation column.
Thank you very much.
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