[Chimera-users] Get side-view model? Or, height of clipping planes?

Abba E Leffler ael355 at nyu.edu
Thu Mar 30 14:38:55 PDT 2017

Dear All:

I'm making a figure showing a ligand bound deeply in a cryptic pocket of a
protein. To show it best, I've oriented the complex so that I am looking
down directly on to it. Then, I adjust the hither and yon clipping planes
to bracket the ligand so you get a cross-section through the protein
containing the ligand and binding site.

Is there a way to get the heights of the clipping planes, and then draw
planes representing them?

Better yet, can the image in the side view planning somehow be saved to
high resolution with the yellow clipping planes indicated, but perhaps
without the red field of view lines?

Basically, for the figure I need some way of showing the viewer where the
clipping planes are on the protein. This is critical because viewers need
to know in a broad sense where the ligand is located.

Thank you for your help
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