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Actually, chimera's EPS files are at a fixed resolution.  To get a higher resolution, save the image with a higher resolution.  An easy way to get a reasonable resolution is to switch to print units in the Save Image dialog, and choose a size in inches or cm.  The default "Print resolution" of 100dpi is generally more than adequate since printers need many dots to represent a single pixel and most computer monitors are roughly 100dpi.

Also, note that EPS files are huge compared to PNG or TIFF files.  Most, if not all, journals now accept TIFF or PNG images, so there is no need to generate an EPS file.

    -- Greg

September 15 2015 5:18 PM, "Eric Pettersen"  wrote:
EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) is resolution independent — it essentially has infinite resolution.  If it doesn’t look good in a viewer it’s because the viewer is doing a poor job of rendering it.  What are you using to look at the EPS file?

Eric Pettersen
UCSF Computer Graphics Lab
On Sep 15, 2015, at 9:04 AM, Mahendra B Thapa  wrote: 
Dear Chimera Users,
Using the following procedures in chimera window, I saved a sequence allignment image in eps format ( which looked like the first image of "file:///opt/UCSF/Chimera64-1.6.1/share/chimera/helpdir/ContributedSoftware/multalignviewer/framemav.html (javascript:false)"). The image in the pop of window is nice but the saved image in the eps format is not so clear. Let me suggest how to save the image in the publication quality.(i) structure ---> matchmaker(ii) Tools --->  sequence  ---> match  ---> align(iii) file  ---> save as ---> eps
Thank you,
Mahendra Thapa
University of Cincinnati, OH_______________________________________________
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