[Chimera-users] Unable to Change Lighting of Side Chains / Atoms

David Nelson Bunck bunck at caltech.edu
Tue Jun 2 16:15:56 PDT 2015


Recently, for some reason, the settings changed on Chimera such that the
atoms and side chains do not change color when I try to change the lighting
settings. Thus when I get the protein (in ribbon format) to look appealing
and shiny, the metal atoms in the protein remain black. Changing colors or
lighting do not make any difference. The same is true for the side chains
as well. This also occurs on several different sequences, so it is not just
the one file.

Sorry for the seemingly trivial question, but I have poked around for a
while at the different settings and can't seem to find how to undo this

Thanks for your help!


david bunck
bunck at caltech.edu
(626) 395-8919
Postdoctoral Scholar
Heath Research Group
Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
California Institute of Technology
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