[Chimera-users] color actions on toolbar

Julian von der Ecken Julian.vonderEcken at mpi-dortmund.mpg.de
Tue Dec 1 07:23:56 PST 2015


I use Chimera extensively and really appreciate its functionality! 
I work with "Color Actions” all the time and it would be so great to have it on the toolbar 
and not only the “Color Editor”.
If you could incorporate it to the next release or let me know how to set it
(I do not see it in "Favorites-Add to Favorites/Toolbar”)?

Thanks in advanced

Julian von der Ecken
Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Physiology
Department of Structural Biochemistry
Otto-Hahn-Str. 11
44227 Dortmund, Germany
room: 	B2.27
tel: 		(+49) (0)231 133-2307
e-mail: 	julian.von-der-ecken at mpi-dortmund.mpg.de
lab: 		http://www.raunser-lab.de
institute: 	http://www.mpi-dortmund.mpg.de

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