[Chimera-users] Surface Transparency Command Issues

Joshua Carter carter_jjc at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 27 23:32:58 PST 2014

I'm having trouble getting the surface transparency command to work correctly.  I'm currently making a movie about the formation of a protein complex and I want the subunits to be shown as ribbons while they dock and then after they dock the electrostatic surface to appear.  I have the script written and the surface generated but when I use either the surftransp or transparency command nothing happens.  The command is correct, if I use it to change the transparency of a ribbon or atom it does so, but if I try to make the surface appear after docking nothing changes.  In addition, if I go to the Actions menu and change the surface transparency from there it also works.
If you could help me figure out why the command won't work that would be extremely helpful.
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