[Chimera-users] rna and set shadows commands

Elaine Meng meng at cgl.ucsf.edu
Thu Jan 9 13:38:53 PST 2014

On Jan 9, 2014, at 12:07 PM, "pythonchemia Gazeta.pl" <pythonchemia at gazeta.pl> wrote:
> Hello Elaine C. Meng
> Thank you very much for your reply and sorry that I answer only now.
> When it comes to command rna  path and rna model  your tips helped me. :)
> Although I do not know how to define the path for the command operations rna duplex. : (
> Unfortunately for me the system WinXP / Chimera 1.8 - 32bit shadows set command does not work. : (
> Chimera returns this message:
> - Unable to turn on shadows (shadows not supported)
> After opening the Chimera Reply log returns this message:
> Disabled programs because the GPU and graphics driver bug
> you encountered while compiling a vertex shader.
> -------------------------------------------------- -----------
> Maybe my graphics card is inappropriate?
> The User's Guide about the Build Structure writes that the helical DNA / RNA (not yet Implemented )
> and this option is disabled.
> Sincerely, Janusz Grabowski

Hi Janusz,
The message suggests your computer can't do the shadows.  It might help to update your graphics driver, but I don't know for certain.  However, other "set" options should work,  for example:

set bgColor white

As mentioned in the "rna duplex" description, the path file is created using the command "rna path":

Also, as mentioned in an earlier message you have to get a daily build (version 1.9), also available from our download page, to use the "helical DNA/RNA" option in Build Structure.

It is recommended to send chimera questions to chimera-users at cgl.ucsf.edu instead of to me directly.

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