[Chimera-users] Chimera hardware resources

Derrick Smith dms348 at drexel.edu
Mon Feb 17 13:48:18 PST 2014

Hi Chimera users,

I've been working with what are probably some pretty big files (400 MB - 3
GB) for ultramicrotomed sections of holograms. I've trimmed the volume down
as well as I can while keeping it large enough to see what we ultimately
were aiming for. However, I am running into some hardware resource issues.
None of our computers in the lab can handle it, so I've been using my
gaming rig at home to do it. I run a server off it also, so have some
decent hardware to work with, but I cannot figure out how to reallocate the
resources that Chimera seems to default to.

I have 64 GB of system RAM available, and after recording 1-2 movies of
rotations or a flythrough of clippings etc. Chimera has never used more
than 1.5 GB. My graphics card has 4 GB. After filtering and
post-processing, before any rotation or video capturing, the vid card has
used around 2 GB already. During video capture, depending on if I'm
rotating or clipping (clipping uses up a lot more faster), the vid card
memory slowly gets eaten up, eventually crashing Chimera altogether. I can
usually only get about 800-1000 frames before this happens on a smaller
file (400 MB), and usually can't get through a whole 10s, or 250 framed,
video on one of the larger files.

I have pretty limited experience with this program, so I'm hoping it's a
simple settings or otherwise fix I've overlooked. Any suggestions on this?

Derrick Smith
Drexel University
Soft Materials Group

Philadelphia PA 19104
dms348 at drexel.edu  http://www.mse.drexel.edu/srg/
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