[Chimera-users] huge electrostatic range for APBS

Dennis N Bromley dbromley at uw.edu
Wed Aug 6 15:13:51 PDT 2014

Hi all,

I have two proteins models from different points in an MD simulation.  I
colored the surface by Coulombic Surface Coloring, which ran AnteChamber
and such.  Then I ran APBS.  When I color by the APBS data, they look more
or less similar.  But when I click the "Set full range" button, the kBTe
unit range on one is about +-3 and the unit range on the other is about
+-300.  Any ideas why one would be so much larger?  Or am I misinterpreting
something?  Both were run with exactly the same parameters, all default
except for temperature = 310.

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