[Chimera-users] "match" command with serialNumber specifier

Hiroyuki ISOBE isobe at m.tohoku.ac.jp
Tue Aug 5 17:28:14 PDT 2014

Dear Sir:
I would like to run “match” with two models by using serialNumber specifiers
but fail to specify multiple atoms.

I would like to match the following sets of atoms:
SerialNumber=14,31,91,74 for model #0
SerialNumber=74,91,31,14 for model #1

How should I include multiple atoms in the command line?

The command for one atom,
match #1/serialNumber=14 #0/serialNumber=74
works nicely, but I cannot include, for instance, two atoms with
match #1/serialNumber=14,31 #0/serialNumber=74,91
match #1/serialNumber=14 31 #0/serialNumber=74 91

Could you please let me know the correct commands for this purpose?

Thank you for your kind help in advance.


Hiroyuki ISOBE
Advanced Institute for Materials Research (WPI-AIMR)
Department of Chemistry
Tohoku University
Sendai, 980-8578, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)22-795-6585
Fax: +81-(0)22-795-6589
Email: isobe at m.tohoku.ac.jp
Homepage: http://www.orgchem2.chem.tohoku.ac.jp

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