[Chimera-users] no moleculr dispay with version 1.8

Greg Couch gregc at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Oct 28 16:12:26 PDT 2013

As you guessed, the problem is probably with the graphics driver.  So 
the first thing to try is to update your graphics driver.  Since you are 
using Ubuntu, use the Additional Drivers panel to switch which 
proprietary driver you are using.  Ubuntu provides several choices.  
Don't forget to reboot after changing the driver.

I'm upgrading a 32-bit Ubuntu 12.04 machine to 12.10 to see if I can 
reproduce the problem, we've already upgraded our 64-bit NVIDIA test 
machine to 13.04, and there no problems there, so that might be an 
alternative solution.



On 10/28/2013 12:55 PM, Robert Wohlhueter wrote:
> I have chimera-1.5.3 running on my Linux-AMD64 Ubuntu (12.10) 
> computer.  It works fine in every respect.  Recently I installed 
> version 1.8, with runs, but with one fatal flaw.  By "runs", I mean 
> the chimera screen comes up, the menus display.  If I load (say, a pdb 
> file), it seems to be there in the sense, for example, that I can open 
> and view its sequence.
> BUT the molecule display window is absolutely blank (black).  I 
> suspect it has either to do with my python installation, or with my 
> NVIDIA graphics driver. But whatever the problem, it effects only v. 
> 1.8, not v. 1.5.3.
> For NVIDIA driver I'm using version 310.14.
> For python, I understand chimera uses 2.7.  My python executable is 
> indeed set as version 2.7.3 (that is, `python --version1 returns 
> 2.7.3),  though I have version 3 installed, and it could be used, if 
> needed.  I'm not all so clear on how envars PYTHONHOME and PYTHONPATH 
> may or may not effect chimera.
> Of course, the easy way out is to stick with chimera-1.5.3 -- but one 
> likes to stay up-to-date.
> Thanks in advance for any profound wisdom.
> Bob Wohlhueter
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