[Chimera-users] density maps & sub-region selection.

Hernando J Sosa hernando.sosa at einstein.yu.edu
Tue Oct 16 09:52:58 PDT 2012


I am trying to select  subregions in two density  maps using the subregion selection option in the volume viewer.   When selecting the  same subregion  different sub-volumes  in the two maps are selected (there is a displacement between the ROIs along  the Z axis) even though the two maps  are aligned to each other (or appear to be aligned in the display window).   Both maps are in the MRC format and both have a voxel size of 2A/pix. ?    Ideally what I want to do is to select equivalent regions of the two maps and then save them as new density maps.   How can I best do this?



UCSF Chimera version alpha 1.7 (build 36659)
on Windows 7 64b
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