[Chimera-users] Coloring nucleic acid ladder with opacity. Possible bug?

Rebecca Swett rswett at chem.wayne.edu
Sun Oct 7 19:01:20 PDT 2012

Hey all, quick question on coloring here. I'm handling a structure that 
has nucleic acids and protein. I'd like to represent the nucleic acids 
with the ladder representation and then have them at a lower opacity to 
bring focus to the protein structure. When I try coloring the ladder 
with opacity, the ribbons color just fine, but the rungs go opaque 
white. Is this a bug, or has anyone gotten this to work? I just updated 
to 1.6.2. Thanks for any help.

Rebecca Swett
Wayne State University
357 Chemistry
Detroit, MI 48201

Lab Phone 313-577-0552
Cell Phone 906-235-0768

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