[Chimera-users] Measure contact between copies of the same map

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Mon Apr 30 14:04:07 PDT 2012

Hi Giovanni,

   This is a bug in the "measure contactArea" command.  It should 
account for the relative displacement between the maps but I see in the 
code it is ignoring that.  I'll fix it today and it will work in 
tonight's Chimera daily build (compiled around 2 AM).  Thanks for 
pointing out the problem.  I guess I always used it on maps that had not 
been moved relative to one another.


> Hi,
> I can use the tool measure contactArea on the surface models of two 
> different maps, but I can not make it work when using it on two copies 
> of the same map: no matter how much I move one map with respect to the 
> other, the first surface listed in the command line will always be 
> entirely colored in red (using offset 0). It looks like the command 
> ignores the transformation.
> Is this the expected behavior? I can work around it by resampling the 
> maps after the transformation (vop  resample  # onGrid #), but I liked 
> more the idea of doing the measure without this additional step.
> Tested it with the latest alpha version 1.7 (build 36320).
> Thank you,
> Giovanni
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