[Chimera-users] sym complains group t parameters

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Fri Oct 21 11:09:39 PDT 2011

Hi Joe,

   I changed the sym command translation symmetry in Chimera daily 
builds (1.6) so you use

     sym #0 group shift,5,280

while in Chimera 1.5.3 you would use

     sym #0 group t,5,280

The reason for the change is that the sym command now handles 
tetrahedral symmetry using "group t".

   This of course is annoying.  So I've changed the Chimera daily build 
so it will produce the shifted copies using "group t,5,280" and will 
only produce tetrahedral symmetry if there are fewer than 2 arguments 
after the "t".  The "group shift,5,280" syntax still works.  So 
tonight's Chimera daily build will be backward compatible with the 
Chimera 1.5.3 production version.


> Hi,
> I found an online post about how to use the sym command to duplicate models.
> The post is here:
> http://plato.cgl.ucsf.edu/pipermail/chimera-users/2011-June/006433.html
> The commands in the post are:
> open 1ei3
> sym #0 group t,5,280 axis 1,0,.4 coord #0 surf true
> I got an error of "Invalid symmetry group syntax "t,5,280"" from the
> sym command.
> The versions that I have are daily build Oct 18 on Mac, and Oct 13 on Windows.
> Thanks,
> Joe

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