[Chimera-users] Display misconfiguration error

Enrico Morelli morelli at cerm.unifi.it
Wed Oct 19 03:15:22 PDT 2011

Dear all,

after the update to the latest version of chimera, in some machines I
receive the error:

Display misconfiguration. Please increase the color quality (24bit
color or grater), update your display (graphics) driver, .......

I've a lot of workstation with the same graphis cards (Nvidia Quadro)
and the same operating system (ScientificLinux 5). I didn't do anything
except upgrade chimera. The previous version works fine on all PCs, and
the new one in some PCs give me the display misconfiguration. 

I checked the PCs where the chimera doesn't works, all has the Nvidia
drivers working in 24bit mode and with graphic acceleration enabled.

So, I don't know how can solve the problem. Someone can help me?

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