[Chimera-users] Connect and align duplicated models

Joe Ping-Lin Hsiao phsiao at cs.unc.edu
Tue Oct 11 13:04:51 PDT 2011


I are trying to use Chimera to produce duplicates of one fibrinogen,
rotate and move them, and concatenate together in a certain way.
The fibrinogen looks like this (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3757507/chimera1.png).
I want to duplicate the model, and connect them in a chain
The second image shows only two instances, but there will be more.

Currently I do it by hand, including rotating and aligning them in
correct z positions.
But it take a lot of time to do it because the duplicates generated by
using Tools/Higher-order structure/Unit Cell are not in the same
plane. I have to look back and forth in different directions to make
sure them are aligned.
So I are wondering is there any way to automate this process, such as
apply the previous transformation to a new duplicate?


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