[Chimera-users] gtx-470 GeForce cards

Francesco Pietra chiendarret at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 22:30:07 PDT 2011

With GeForce2 MX200 / Debian GNU-Linux i386 wheezy I have no problems
in running movie with "define centroid".

In contrast, with GeForce gtx-470 (two such cards and PhenomII 1075T
(six cores)/ Debian amd64 wheezy,  on running movie to get the trace
of the centroid, the X server hangs and the keyboard is no more
sensed. I have to restart the computer from a ssh-linked desktop.

In both cases chimera 1.5.3. Chimera was started as the only
application, just after booting the OS (I am saying that because, to
run molecular dynamics, I have first to command

# nvidia-smi -L

# nvidia-smi -pm 1

Any experience to this regard?

francesco pietra

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