[Chimera-users] Tear-off menus in Chimera 1.5.3 for Mac OS X

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Mon Jul 11 11:54:51 PDT 2011

Hi Jeff,

The Tk window toolkit Chimera uses does not support tear-off menus with 
Mac native windows.  So it is not possible for Chimera to provide them.

I submitted a Tk bug report about this Mac Tk limitation in January 
2010, and the main Mac Tk developer Daniel Steffens commented:

"these are deliberately not supported, they were always a horrible hack in
the Carbon port, and do not fit in with the Aqua L&F.
"Won't fix" as far as I'm concerned, but if someone else wants to provide
an implementation, I won't strongly oppose its inclusion."


There currently is no active Mac Tk developer and another Tk bug triager 
Kevin Walzer closed this bug report so it is not likely Mac Tk will ever 
support tearoffs.


> Hi Jeff,
> Sorry, tear-off menus are not available in the native aqua version of Chimera (regardless of Chimera version number or Mac OS X version number).  For Mac, only the X windows version has this feature.
> Because the "Actions... Color" menu was one of the most useful to tear off, to provide a similar behavior in all Chimera versions we have implemented a separate Color Actions dialog (opened by choosing "Actions... Color... all options").  No global solution to allow tearing off menus in the native Mac version has been found, however.
> Best,
> Elaine
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> Elaine C. Meng, Ph.D.
> UCSF Computer Graphics Lab (Chimera team) and Babbitt Lab
> Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
> University of California, San Francisco
> On Jul 9, 2011, at 3:55 PM, Jeff Lawton wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am running the native aqua version of Chimera 1.5.3 on Mac OS X 10.6, and
>> it seems that the "tear off" feature of the menus is not available, though I
>> was previously able to do that when running the X window version of Chimera.
>> Is there a way to use the menu "tear off" feature in the native aqua
>> version?
>> Thanks!
>> Jeff
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