[Chimera-users] Sequence vs Sequence plot using minrms....

Sergio Garay sergio.alberto.garay at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 09:21:35 PST 2009

Hi all

I run minrms with defaults values on my two proteins and I was able
to obtain many useful alignments. But when I
load the results on chimera, it doesn´t show me the sequence vs sequence
plot. Is there any particular way to do that?
Or there is any special minrms command (option) to obtain this?
All the other plot were right (rms vs sequece and the alignment plot).

Any help will be appreciated.

Dr. Sergio Garay
Facultad de Bioquimica y Cs. Biológicas
Universidad Nacional del Litoral
Santa Fe - Argentina
C.C. 242 - Ciudad Universitaria - C.P. S3000ZAA
Ph. +54 (342) 4575-213
Fax. +54 (342) 4575-221
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