[Chimera-users] stereo view

Francesco Pietra chiendarret at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 11:10:37 PST 2009


I would greatly appreciate advice about the following requests
(between "".."") by the referees (interaction between two proteins;
graphics by chimera):

1) "there is way too much wasted black space in figures".

As the complex of proteins is elongated along one axis, I found it
unavoidable to have wasted space around. Perhaps using a white
background in the hope that white is less offending than black? Or is
it a way to tailor the background according to the shape of the

2) "a stereoview might be helpful for better understanding".

How to fulfill this request with chimera I have no idea.

3) "a molecular surface representation of the docking site would be useful".

I read on passing about molecular surfaces on this forum. Is that
feasible for the highly complex situation of 3D perspective with so
many atoms at different "layers"?

Thanks indeed for answering

francesco pietra

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