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Thomas C. Marlovits marlovits at imp.ac.at
Tue Dec 22 01:43:08 PST 2009

Hi Tom, hi Chimera team,

with quite a number of saved sessions, I find it increasingly  
difficult to remember what they are about ... I am wondering, whether  
there is a chance to include a thumbnail or small fig associated with  
the file that can be displayed while scrolling through the different  
files (similar as if you have many image files and you highlight them  
in the Finder ... they will be displayed as a small image ...).


On Sep 22, 2009, at 6:51 PM, Tom Goddard wrote:

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>> HI Tom,
>> I was wondering, whether one can "group" a few models in chimera.  At
>> the moment, I have more than 40 models open simultaneously,  some of
>> which I would like to group in order to make coloring, selection, etc
>> ... more easily.   It might be that the feature is present, but
>> couldn't spot it so far.
>> The other thing that I would appreciate, if there is a simple way to
>> assign the model nr manually (at the moment it is done automatically,
>> and it appears that the order is somewhat random ...)
>> Best,
>> Tx,
>> -T.
> Hi Thomas,
>  You can used "named selections" to give a short name to several  
> models
> or to any combination of selected items.  Use menu entry
>    Select / Name Selection...
> You can use the names in Chimera commands or use the "Select / Named
> Selection / name" menu entry.  I don't know of a command to name a
> selection.  Is there such a command (other Chimera developers)?
>  You can set the model number if you open your models with a command,
> for example,
>    open 5 twisty.pdb
> to open a model as model number 5.  After the model number has been
> assigned it unfortunately cannot be changed.
>    Tom


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