[Chimera-users] thank you ,thank you very much!

gytjyb gytjyb at 163.com
Tue Dec 15 00:37:26 PST 2009

Thank you very much for you answer.
My english is not very well,Because I just come from china.
My major subject is gene structure,So I am not good at protein structure.
But ,I think this is very useful for me to analyze protein structure and asure their structure.
So,I must thank for you first!
You means:
If I get a homologous model structure from swissmodel which I just align with PDB stucture,i must minimize structure ,at first。
But before i do minimization,I should add water or not.so this is a question.Which condition should I add water?
Secondly,I get a stable structure after minimization.If I want to do mutation, I should do minimization for every time mutation about this structure.
Thank you very much!
Thank you very much!
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