[Chimera-users] matching peptides with altenate locations

Sumitro Harjanto u0601918 at nus.edu.sg
Mon Dec 14 11:23:28 PST 2009



I would like to match two peptides; one with alternate conformations in
residue 4 and 5. I have tried:


match   #0:1-9.c at ca   #1:1-9.c at ca.a


match   #0:1-5.c at ca   #1:1-3.c at ca   |   #1:4-5.c at ca.a


but both don't work and give me the "unequal number of atom chosen"
error message.


I tried changing match to sel in the latter case and I can get 10 atoms;
5 from each model, which is what I intended.


How should I deal with this?




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