[Chimera-users] Maximizing performance with large volume data maps

Ryan Rochat rochat at bcm.edu
Fri Dec 4 07:15:05 PST 2009

Hello, I was wondering how much video memory Chimera is capable of
accessing.  I currently have a 898Mb videocard that begins to slow down with
a 550x550x550 map (at step size 1).  This map is actually a downsample of
the true 1100x1100x1100 map coming in at 5GB.  I was contemplating going for
a much larger video card at 4GB, however I was curious to what extent I
could expect to see acceleration using Chimera with such a massive dataset
(600+MB) and video card.

Thank you,
Ryan H. Rochat MS
MD/PhD Candidate (Baylor College of Medicine)
Graduate Student SCBMB (Baylor College of Medicine)
Chiu Lab
One Baylor Plaza N420 Alkek
Houston Texas 77030

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