[Chimera-users] scripts in Chimera

Ben Keshet keshet1 at umbc.edu
Wed Oct 29 14:43:48 PDT 2008


I am reviewing a large number of structures (docking results).  I uses 
the ViewDock tool which is great and makes life much easier.  Still, for 
every file I open with ViewDock, I repeat the same set of commands 
before actually reviewing the poses, that is (initially only the 
receptor structure is open, with only ribbon shown):
1. open the ligands mol2 file.
2. color by element
3. choose atoms within 6A from the ligands (by selecting the ligand, 
than select zone<6A).
4. show the selected atoms. 

This is to show only receptor atoms within 6A of the ligand.  Is there a 
way I can "record" this sequence or write some simple script that I 
could run after opening the ligands mol2 file?


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