[Chimera-users] Two transparent models and memory leaks

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Thu Mar 22 15:54:54 PDT 2007

C Akey report problems with display of two transparent models and 
excessive memory use and crashes when saving images.



Sorry to bother you but I am having serious problems with Chimera while 
trying to make figures for a paper.

After you fixed the sessions number problem, so that they are retained 
in the same numbered slots from one session to the next, I found that my 
most recent sessions made with this version, would not work properly 
when I wanted two different displayed volumes to have transparencies 
different from 1. This worked in earlier versions and then I started 
over with a new session, imported everything and it is working again. 
Maddening. If you have a ribbon within a volume and try to vary the 
transparency, it almost disappears instead of having a gradual blending 
effect (see attached figures A,D panels).

I am using a PC under XP with 1Gb mem and 512 GB graphics card. I have 
checked and memory is not the problem.

{However, if you quit a session then open another session, Chimera does 
not give the memory back to the system, so your memory use soars, YOU 

Here is another killer bug:

When you record an image full screen, about half the time you get a 
fatal error in pythonw.exe, it wants you to contact Microsoft and then 
Chimera crashes losing everything. The error from chimera reads "failed 
1073741891" but there is no chance to report the bug.

So after battling to get to the point of recording images, the program 
quits on me about half the time.

By the way, when Chimera is shown full screen on our new Linux machine, 
it doesn't clearly show all the icons on the left hand side of the 
screen, they are partly occluded.

sorry about the bugs but its starting to get to me.

cheers  C Akey

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