[Chimera-users] Problems using Collaboratory

slaton slaton at berkeley.edu
Tue Mar 13 23:47:19 PDT 2007


Having some problems using Collaboratory mode. Some scenarios:

1. When attempting to host a collaboratory session between linux hosts on 
the same subnet, with another linux box running the hub, no one can join 
the session. I get the error connecting that suggests checking your 
firewall settings. None of the machines have iptables running, and since 
they are on the same subnet that should rule out border router/firewall 

2. If using a Mac OS X machine (PPC) to run the hub -- on a different 
subnet than the linux boxes, but within the same building -- the first 
linux box can join the hub. A second linux box on the same subnet fails 
with the same error as in 1) above. This can be replicated every time. 
Neither linux boxes are running iptables or any other firewall, they have 
nearly identical hardware and are running the same 

3. If the MOSX box (where the hub is running) now joins the session with 
the 1st linux box, they can chat with each other and see either others' 
pointers. However if the connected user on the linux box opens a model 
(for my tests, i used a SPIDER volume), the connected user on the MOSX box 
cannot see it. An error pops up on the linux box reading:

 "Error processing trigger: "Camera": AttributeError: '_chimera.Camera' 
 object has no attribute 'viewDistance'

Rotating/moving the model on the linux box triggers this error on the 
MOSX box:

 "Error processing trigger: "collaboratory": ValueError: unopen model

Additionally, while sending chat messages from the MOSX box works, it also 
throws errors like this:

 "Error processing trigger; "Chat command": TclError: invalid command name 

4. If i reverse scenarios here -- hosting on Linux and joining from MOSX 
(and the host machine) -- the results are nearly the same. Each user can 
chat and see the other's cursor, but as soon as one user loads a model it 
starts throwing errors like the ones mentioned above. After which, chat 
mode no longer works.

So.....any known problems with collaboratory in this release, or any tips 
on troubleshooting these problems?

All tests were performed using Chimera snapshot release 1.2352, i386 
version (linux) and X11 version (MOSX).


Slaton Lipscomb
Nogales Lab, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

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