[Chimera-users] savepos/reset problem with sessions and volumes

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Thu Mar 8 15:27:20 PST 2007

Hi Christopher,

   The problem is that Chimera does not preserve the model numbers of 
volume data sets when it restores a session.  Restoring a saved position 
then moves the wrong models because it remembers the position associated 
with each model number.  There are two Chimera bugs here.  First the 
volume data restored from a session file should use the original model 
numbers.  And secondly, even if the model numbers were to change, the 
savepos information should be updated to use the new model numbers. 
These problems exist in all versions of Chimera on all platforms.  I'll 
work on fixing them and send you email if I get it working.  I think I 
can fix the code so that your existing session files will restore 
correctly using the original model numbers.


Christopher Akey wrote:
> Tom-
> I am using a build of Chimera from 11/08/2006 for windows. This version 
> is useful for us because the map to map correlation (fit map) and the 
> transform as both work nicely.
> However, I tried the savepos/reset within a session today. Set up a new 
> session that I would not be changing or if so, only by adding additional 
> files to the end of the listed files. The problem is that when I close 
> the session and recall it, then the reset commands invariably leave one 
> or two volumes out of alignment. The problem is that every time I open 
> the same session, the model list changes order, ie it does not seem to 
> be completely set in stone. If only one of your aligned images changes 
> order (actually 2 then), then all your previous commands are for naught, 
> unless you go ahead and realign them in the current session. Problem is 
> you don't realize they are misaligned until after you use reset and must 
> immediately undo move, or you are screwed. Also, you might have a 
> mixture of brix and mrc files, such that you might not always be able to 
> recover the right alignment for a file.
> Is this a windows version feature? I have noticed my files not behaving 
> properly before, but now have pinned it down.
> Do the models and their assoc numbers absolutely remain the same for ALL 
> MODELS in the linux version or in a newer windows version?
> The savepos/reset is great, you can theoretically recall you previous 
> figure positions and reshoot them after tweaking a color for a model or 
> whatever.
> cheers  C Akey

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