[Chimera-users] conjoined unit cells

Tom Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Fri Jun 29 14:14:24 PDT 2007

Hi Bartek,

  Do you mean that you want to show several copies of the unit cell 
density map?  Or several copies of the unit cell PDB models?

  There is no currently capability to show multiple copies of the 
density map with the proper crystal unit cell translations.  You could 
open the map multiple times and change their origin, but the  Chimera 
volume viewer will shift all copies by the same amount if you use its 
Origin and Scale entry fields.  So you would have to make copies of the 
map file with different names -- quite tedious.  An alternative would be 
to open multiple copies and leave the origin the same but use the 
Chimera "move" command to shift individual copies of the map.


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