[Chimera-users] export scene to maya, obj, iges, stl, dwg-dxp?

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Thu Jun 14 11:30:15 PDT 2007

dear all,

is it possible, to export a scene from chimera to 
mayaBinary, obj, iges, stl or dwg-dxp formats?

i have checked and chimera can export to a X3D format (vrml) as well 
as PovRay. i didn't find any info about transforming one of these to 
some other format. 

has anybody successfully exported chimera scenes 
(ribbon+surface+single_residue_atoms mix structures, not just a pdb 
file as atoms alone) to a file-format used by designers? 

thanx in advance for any help,



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