[Chimera-users] Problems with DMS installation

Conrad Huang conrad at cgl.ucsf.edu
Thu Jun 14 08:58:49 PDT 2007

The problem you encountered is typically caused by not running the "make 
install" step of the installation.  This step creates the target 
directories for the binaries and support files (including "radii").  The 
"GNUmakefile" contains the default target directory path, so you should 
edit the paths (BINDIR, LIBDIR and MANDIR) near the top of this file, 
then rebuild and install dms (run "make clean ; make install").  The 
executable you should be using is BINDIR/dms, which should find all the 
necessary files such as "radii".


63668 at unimo.it wrote:
> DMS is the only program requested to generate DOCK input files I was not able to
> install. I read something similar in this same mailing list.
> The first problem I encountered was an error message referred to "radii"
> directory. Thus I created the radii directory and I put radii.proto file into
> it.
> Now the error message is "Unknown atom type N", and by eliminating N atoms from
> my input file the new error message is "Unknown atom type CA", and so on. It
> seems that the program is not able to recognize atoms with their atomic radii,
> thus I think that the problem is still in this file.
> Any suggestion?
> Thank you,
> Valeria
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