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Campbell, Patrick pcampbell at msm.edu
Fri Jun 8 11:37:07 PDT 2007

I am a grad student and have only been recently been introduced to Chimera. I have a quick question which I hope, someone will be able to assist me with.
I am looking at a pdb protein, 2NEF which is composed of 40 NMR structures. I was able to isolate one of the chains and was wondering if
a. It is possible to change part of the sequence on the chain (from AAAA to EEEE for instance).
b. Is it possible to then use the changed sequence (B) to morph it against the original 3d sequence (A)
c. Is it possible to align the changed fragment of B with the original A
d. Could the changed sequence (B) be saved for future use or does one have to go through the process of creating it each time it is used on CHIMERA?
thanks much
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