[Chimera-users] gromacs trajectory - only atoms, no bonds

Moo Cow moocow at mindless.com
Mon Apr 16 01:29:47 PDT 2007

I believe one has to have a very recent chimera in order
to be able to read gromacs trajectories.
I have "beta version 1 build 2376 2007/04/11

It is terrific that chimera can read the trajectories
(without problem), but it then does not seem to join
the atoms with bonds (it certainly does so for normal
pdb files). My trajectory is displayed as a set of
lonely unbonded atoms.

I believe I checked for obvious mistakes on my part. I
went to the tutorial, found the lines
  repr stick
and so on. They gave no error message, but did not help.
Many thanks for any advice.

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