[Chimera-users] questions using chimera

Xiaoyun Chen xiaoyunc at umich.edu
Thu Apr 12 11:29:38 PDT 2007

I have two questions:
1) Is there a way for chimera to display the x-y-z axes? For example, 
for a pdb file, all the x/y/z coordinates are referenced to the 
molecular coordinate system. In the chimera screen, we can rotate the 
molecules. I want to know the orientation of the molecular coordinate 
system in the laboratory/chimera coordinate system, but cannot find a 
way for the x/y/z to show up on the screen. Many other protein 
visualization software (VMD, Molw, etc) have this feature.

2) by default, the z coordinate point out from the screen. often i 
would like to see the protein with its z direction in the plane of the 
screen and pointing up. tools-viewing controls-side view allow me to 
get what i want, but the image is only the protein projected onto the 
y-z plane. but it would be nice if there are two side view panels, one 
with an image in the y-z plane, one with an image in the x-z plane.

Thank you!
Xiaoyun Chen

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