[Chimera-users] Fetch EMDB map by id

Cathy Lawson cathy.lawson at rutgers.edu
Mon Apr 9 15:36:05 PDT 2007

I really like your suggestions about downloading maps, particularly  
having a progress dialog and being able to save the files.  It would  
be great  to apply these to other downloads as well!

On Apr 9, 2007, at 6:28 PM, Thomas Goddard wrote:

> Hi Cathy,
>   It is a good idea to allow fetching EMDB maps by id in the  
> current File / Fetch by ID dialog.  Their are two issues related to  
> the large size of some maps that I would like to solve to make that  
> work well. First I would like Chimera not to freeze while the  
> fetching is done. That is what currently happens when fetching  
> files.  Instead it could show a progress dialog with a cancel  
> button (like a web browser) and open the map when it finally  
> arrives.  Second I would like the map to be saved on your local  
> machine so that you don't have to fetch the same large file more  
> than once.  Perhaps the way that would work is the the first time  
> you fetch any file it asks you where to save this and future  
> fetched files, and there will be an option not to save them.  This  
> would be remembered in your Chimera preferences file.  When you  
> subsequently used the fetch dialog it could first look in the  
> directory where you save fetched files and use the copy there if  
> available.
>   Thanks for the suggestion.  It is on my requested features list.
> 	Tom

cathy.lawson at rutgers.edu

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