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Miguel Ortiz-Lombardia molatwork at yahoo.es
Sun Apr 8 03:10:40 PDT 2007

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Dear all,

I have small suggestion to make that I would find helpful if implemented
in chimera:

I think it would be great if the "biological assembly" could be fetched
by ID from the File menu, just as it goes now for the pdb coordinates
file from the RCSB site.

Such assemblies are kept at the PQS database at the EBI (Cambridge). The
links there follow this syntax:


where <ID> is obviously that of the PDB structure.

Despite the extension, it is a plain PDB file. The CRYST1 record (for
crystallographic structures) of such coordinates files has been modified
to space group P1, since the crystallographic operations of the original
structure don't hold. A potential problem if these files is that they
don't seem to care about having duplicated atom numbers...

These assemblies are most often correct and validated by experiments.
However, you might want to add a caveat or, even better, an intermediate
window with a link to the place where the PQS explains how that
particular oligomer was generated and why it is considered biologically


Best regards,

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