[Chimera-users] Question about connectivity

Frederick Gimble fgimble at purdue.edu
Fri Nov 18 07:23:37 PST 2005

I have just begun using Chimera on my Mac, and find that it will be  
able to produce the graphics that I need for publication and display  
purposes.  I recently opened a pdb file of a protein that we study  
bound to DNA and used the depiction, nucleotides tool to render the  
DNA backbone as ribbons with the bases shown as slabs.  I noticed a  
discontinuity in one of the DNA strands, which may be caused by the  
severe distortion of the DNA.  I think that this also happened with a  
previous program that I used called SPOCK that I used to draw the DNA  
strands as worms.   In that case I could repair the break by changing  
the settings for the connectivity distances.  How would I repair the  
break in Chimera?

Thanks for your help.


Fred Gimble

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