[Chimera-users] chimera for linux ppc

A. Zelter azelter at u.washington.edu
Wed Dec 7 19:01:02 PST 2005

> There are two obstacles to supporting a new platform.  We want to
> have the target system in our lab for building and testing.  This is the
> case for all our current distributions.  And we have to put in work to
> build the following 28 third-party packages that Chimera uses:

Hi Tom,
Thanks for the information. That sounds fair enough - ppc architecture 
will be less important soon and even now only a small proportion of linux 
users use that architecture.
I have one more thought about support for different platforms though.
Could you have a binary just for the msms molecular surface calculation 
package, and then the other packages as source plus makefiles. That would 
probably be much less work for you, and then whoever wanted to spend the 
time trying to get it to work could do, but you wouldn't have to be 
involved or support it in any way? You might even find others identify and 
fix problems on these new platforms - saving work for the Chimera team.
Just a thought.
Thanks for your consideration.

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