[Chimera-users] chimera for linux ppc

Geoffrey H Wathen wathen at physics.arizona.edu
Wed Dec 7 10:54:14 PST 2005

I've used YellowDog in the past, and I think it is a good dist.  I  
wouldn't mind seeing a PPC Linux version of Chimera, either.


On Dec 7, 2005, at 10:50 AM, A. Zelter wrote:

>> 	I think Conrad is saying that on the x86 architecture they can  
>> compile for RedHat and it will run on most distributions of x86  
>> Linux.  He's asking if there's a similar situation on PPC Linux,  
>> and which distribution of PPC Linux would provide the best  
>> prospects for such coverage.  It seems to me that this is to  
>> minimize the occurrence of someone saying "I see you have the  
>> binaries for XYZ PPC Linux, but they don't run on my distribution  
>> of ABC PPC Linux.  Could you please compile it for ABC PPC Linux?"
> Ahhh thanks. I knew I didn't get something. Well, I'm no expert on  
> that kind of thing, but Fedora Core 4 has a ppc version. I think  
> this is a little more modern than Red Hat Linux 7.1 - it runs  
> kernel 2.6.11. However, RedHat did make a PPC version of their 7.1  
> distro (Red Hat Linux 7.1 for pSeries). I suppose that would be  
> equivalent. Another good bet might be yellowdog linux. The latest  
> version is 4.0.1, and it uses kernel 2.6.10. Yellowdog is based on  
> redhat but built specifically for Macs. This is probably what I  
> would try using.
> Alex

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