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Tool: Hide Dust

Hide Dust hides small blobs (disconnected bits) of a volume data isosurface to simplify the display of noisy density. It is also implemented as the command surface dust. See also: Volume Viewer, Surface Zone, Map Eraser, Map Filter, Map icon , surface invertShown, surface hidefarblobs, the hide blobs mouse mode

Hide Dust can be started from the Volume Data section of the Tools menu. The tool window can be moved, resized, etc.

The surface of interest should be chosen from the list of available maps. Clicking Hide Dust hides the smaller bits according to the Size limit, which can be adjusted by moving the slider or by typing in a new value. The slider is logarithmic to cover a wide range of values. How size is measured can be set in the options.

Clicking Show Dust stops hiding the smaller bits.

Clicking Help shows this page in the Help Viewer.


Options are shown/hidden by clicking the Options button:

Hide small blobs based on

Size measurements will include any blob parts that have been undisplayed or hidden by zoning or clipping, and blobs at or above the cutoff size will be displayed completely (although possibly still clipped) even if they had been hidden beforehand.

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