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Command: mseries

mseries  model-spec  [ step  i ] [ pauseFrames  M ] [ loop  N ]

mseries slider  model-spec  [ step  i ] [ pauseFrames  M ] [ movieFramerate  N ] [ title  title-text ] [ name  slider-label ]

The mseries command plays through an ordered set of models (a model series). The step option specifies including every ith model starting with the first (default 1, every model; 2 would give the first, third, fifth, etc.; 3 would give the first, fourth, seventh, etc.) The resulting models are indexed sequentially starting with 1. The pauseFrames option specifies the number of image frames per model (default 10). The loop option indicates repeating playback N times (default 1), wrapping directly from the last to the first.

The command mseries slider shows a graphical interface in which the slider can be dragged or a model index number entered directly. The step and pauseFrames options are the same as described above for the main mseries command. The movieFramerate option sets the playback rate of the resulting movie file (default 25 frames/s). The title option specifies text for the title bar of the slider panel, and the name option specifies the text label to the left of the slider (default Model).

The slider interface also includes a play/pause button, a    value to increase for slower playback (pauseFrames as described above), and a button for recording a movie (). Sequential integers are added to the movie filename (movie1.mp4, movie2.mp4, ...) so that repeated recordings will not overwrite the previous ones, and the save location can be set with the snapshot command. The movie will start at the current slider position, so to include the whole series, place the slider at the far left before clicking the record button.

The slider is saved in sessions. See also: coordset, vseries, MOLEonline channels, making movies


mseries #1.1-60 pause 5 step 3
mseries slider #1
mseries slider #1.1-20

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