utils: Generically useful stuff that doesn’t fit elsewhere

class CustomSortString(str_val, sort_val=None)

Bases: str

lower(*args, **kw)

Experimental API . Return a copy of the string converted to lowercase.

upper(*args, **kw)

Experimental API . Return a copy of the string converted to uppercase.


Experimental API . Can an icon image be associated with a file on this operating system.

flattened(input, *, return_types=(<class 'list'>, <class 'tuple'>, <class 'set'>), return_type=None, maxsize=9223372036854775807)

Experimental API . Return new flattened version of input

  • input (a sequence instance (list, tuple, or set)) –

  • return_type (optional return type (defaults to input type)) –


Return type

A sequence of the same type as the input.


Experimental API . Initialize OpenSSL’s CA certificates file.

Makes it so certificates can be verified.

set_file_icon(path, image)

Experimental API . Assoicate an icon image with a file to be shown by the operating system file browser.

string_to_attr(string, *, prefix='', collapse=True)

Experimental API . Convert an arbitrary string into a legal Python identifier

‘string’ is the string to convert

‘prefix’ is a string to prepend to the result

‘collapse’ controls whether consecutive underscores are collapsed into one

If there is no prefix and the string begins with a digit, an underscore will be prepended