models: Displayed data

class Model(name, session)

Bases: chimerax.core.state.State,

A Model is a Drawing together with an id number that allows it to be referenced in a typed command.

Model subclasses can be saved session files.


name : str

The name of the model.


id (None or tuple of int) Model/submodel identification: e.g., 1.3.2 is (1, 3, 2). Set and unset by Models instance.
SESSION_ENDURING (bool, class-level optional) If True, then model survives across sessions.
SESSION_SAVE (bool, class-level optional) If True, then model is saved in sessions.

Return all models including self and children at all levels.


Return child models.


Getting the single color may give the dominant color. Setting the single color will set the model to that color. Color values are rgba uint8 arrays.


Return set of ancestors of models that are not in specified models.