Split Molecule Command

revised April 10, 2006
April 4, 2006

Adds command split for making chains of a molecule into separate molecules.


The following command splits all opened molecules into their separate chains.


To split a single molecule specify its id number.

	split #1

Model ID numbers

Use the Model Panel (menu entry Favorites / Model Panel) to find out the model numbers.


split [molecule-id]


This allows moving individual chains and hiding individual chains using the Model Panel "active" and "shown" checkbuttons.

Revision History

April 10, 2006: Made new models for the chains of a molecule use the same id number as the original model with sub-id numbers 1,2,3.... The sub-id numbers are assigned after sorting chain identifiers alphabetically. So model #0 with chains A, B, C, would become 3 models: chain A is #0.1, chain B is #0.2, and chain C is #0.3.