Release History

UCSF Chimera Version 1.0 Build 1872 Release Notes (27 October 2003)

Changes from the previous release:

Known bugs:

Wire bonds disappear on large PDB models on Mac. Bonds in wire display mode appear correctly when a large model (e.g., 1aon) is first opened, but then many of them disappear when the model is moved. This is an OpenGL driver bug in Mac OS 10.2.6 that has been reported to Apple.

Copy command makes strange image. Use of the copy command when widgets are in front of the graphics window results in strange images.

Saving JPEG-format images unreliable. Saving an image to JPEG format often fails. Try using PNG format instead (it has built-in compression). If you have a repeatable test case, please send it in.

Cross-eye stereo parallax is wrong.

Bond rotations in large molecules are slow.

Collaboratory hangs on multiprocessor IRIX.