Pseudobond Attributes

Once a group of pseudobonds has been chosen in the left side of the PseudoBond Panel, clicking the attributes... button in the right side of the panel brings up a window that shows and allows changes in pseudobond attribute values.

The list includes the attributes of the pseudobond group and selected attributes of its component pseudobonds. A chain trace is a special case of a pseudobond group. Descriptions in the dialog are not necessarily identical to the attribute names (used in the code and in various commands).

PseudoBondGroup Attributes

ChainTrace Attributes

A chain trace is a special case of a pseudobond group; it has the same attributes (listed above) as a generic group, plus:

Component PseudoBond Attributes

Attributes of individual pseudobonds within a pseudobond group can be set independently. When different pseudobonds within the group have different attribute values, the value is reported to be -- multiple --. If one of the other options is chosen, all pseudobonds in the group will be changed accordingly.

UCSF Computer Graphics Laboratory / February 2013