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label [ offset default | x,y,z ] atom-spec

~label atom-spec

Label displays labels for all atoms in atom-spec. ~Label removes atom labels. The default label information is atom name with any alternate location ID appended, but custom atom labels can be defined using labelopt. Label font, size, and whether to draw labels in front regardless of their Z-offsets (default true) can be set in the Labels preferences. The command rlabel shows residue labels. See also: color, 2dlabels, the Actions menu

By default, the offset of a label is automatically adjusted based on the display style of the corresponding atom. The offset keyword allows specifying an absolute offset that will not be adjusted, or a return to the default behavior. The word default can be truncated. An absolute offset is specified by three comma-separated values x,y,z representing distances along the X-, Y-, and Z-axes in the laboratory coordinate system:

Negative distances can be used. Label offsets can also be adjusted with the mouse. The default offset is (display_radius + 0.2),0,0.5.

One way to label a bond or pseudobond is to select it and use the Selection Inspector.