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defattr attr-file options

Defattr is the command-line implementation of Define Attribute, a tool for assigning attribute values to atoms, residues, and models. It is possible to define new attributes or to (re)assign values for existing attributes. Attribute values can be rendered visually (rangecolor, Render by Attribute) and used in selection and command-line atom specification.

The attribute values and their targets are specified in an input attribute assignment file. The input file name/pathname (attr-file) must be specified before any options. If attr-file includes spaces, it must be enclosed in single or double quote marks. If attr-file is browse or browser, a dialog for opening the file will appear.


Option keywords for defattr can be truncated to unique strings and their case does not matter. A vertical bar "|" designates mutually exclusive options, and default values are indicated with bold. Synonyms for true: True, 1. Synonyms for false: False, 0.

log true|false
Whether to send details about the attribute assignments to the Reply Log.
raiseTool true|false
Whether to open the Render/Select by Attribute tool after assigning attributes. Even when this option is false, the attribute(s) will be available within the Render/Select by Attribute tool if it is opened later in the session.
spec atom-spec
Whether to restrict the attribute assignment to a subset of the open models. The entire model(s) containing the specified atoms will be considered during the attribute assignment; any other models will be ignored. Whether attribute values are actually assigned to a model or to its constituent atoms or residues also depends on the input attribute assignment file. If atom-spec includes any spaces, it must be enclosed in single or double quote marks.

See also: setattr, rangecolor, Define Attribute, Render by Attribute