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colorkey  x1,y1  x2,y2  options  value1 color1  value2 color2 [... valueN colorN]


Colorkey is the command-line implementation of Color Key, which shows the relationship between a coloring scheme and the values of a qualitative or quantitative property such as an attribute. See also: 2dlabels, rangecolor, coulombic, scolor

Whereas making a color key with Color Key or commands rangecolor and coulombic requires manual placement by click and drag, the colorkey command specifies position directly: x1,y1 and x2,y2 are the coordinates of opposite corners of the rectangular color bar in the plane of the screen. Each coordinate can range from 0 to 1, with 0 corresponding to bottom/left and 1 to top/right. The value-color pairs must be given at the end of the command, following any options. The values are also the labels and need not be numeric. Each color can be specified with any color name that denotes a single color.

The command ~colorkey removes the color key.


Option keywords can be truncated to unique strings and their case does not matter. A vertical bar “|” designates mutually exclusive options, and default values are indicated with bold. Synonyms for true: True, 1. Synonyms for false: False, 0.

colorTreatment  blended | distinct
Whether the colors along the bar should be blended (default) or discontinuous.
labelSide  left/top | right/bottom
Whether the labels should be positioned to the left of a vertical key and above a horizontal key, or to the right of a vertical key and below a horizontal key (default).
labelColor  color
Single color for all label text (default white). The color can be any color name that specifies a single color, or None to make the labels match the individual colors in the key.
justification  left | decimal-point | right
How to align the labels in a vertical key; labels in horizontal keys are always center-justified.
numLabelSpacing  proportional-to-value | equal
How how to space numeric labels along the key; regardless of this setting, equal spacing will be used if any label (any value) is non-numeric or the values are not given in numerical order.
labelOffset  offset
Additional space between the labels and the color bar (default 0 pixels).
fontSize  size
Label font size (default 24).
fontStyle  normal | italic | bold | bold-italic
Label font style.
fontTypeface  sans-serif | serif | fixed
Label font typeface.
borderColor  color
Color of the outline around the color bar (default None, no outline shown). The color can be any color name that specifies a single color.
borderWidth  width
Width of the outline around the color bar (default 3 pixels).
tickMarks  true | false
Whether to display short lines extending from the color bar toward the labels; if a border is shown, the border color is also used for the tick marks.
tickLength  length
Length of tick marks (default 10 pixels).
tickThickness  thickness
Width of tick marks (default 4 pixels); to make flush with the border (if any), use a value at least twice the border width.